Can America Regain Its Competitive Edge?

In a groundbreaking and controversial book entitled Selling Out a Superpower: How the U.S. Economy Went Wrong and How We Can Turn It Around, author Ronald R. Pollina, Ph.D., documents how inept government management of business and the economy by state and federal officials of both political parties—with the assistance of lobbyists representing special interest groups—have betrayed the American middle and lower class for the last twenty years by enacting laws and policies that have driven jobs and whole industries offshore never to return.

Dr. Pollina, president and founder of a global corporate real estate company, deals with these issues daily, and he documents how America lost its way in this must-read book and puts everything about our economic meltdown under a microscope: an education system designed for the 1950s that produces a workforce unable to compete for 21st century jobs; tax codes that drive companies offshore; deficit spending on all levels of government that drains our economic power; complacency and lack of economic development on all levels; why free trade doesn’t mean fair trade; how America sold its soul to credit card companies and mortgage lenders for a better lifestyle; and why China and India are, at the moment, better equipped than America to win the Economic War of the 21st Century.

Nonetheless, the author believes that if America has the political courage to finally confront these problems, the U.S. can reassert itself as an economic superpower.  This book provides a roadmap to achieve that goal.

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“Are you still wondering why America and its economy are in decline? Then you must read Selling Out a Superpower: Where the US Economy Went Wrong and How We Can Turn It Around by Ronald R. Pollina…No single book I have read this year comes close to explaining what has occurred and what must be done to avoid a bad, sad future for the next generation of Americans.”

Bookviews by Alan Caruba
My Picks of the Month
November 2010

“One of the most interesting books I have read. An incredible read”

Bill Cunningham, Radio Host
Live on Sunday Night, WLW-AM - Nationally Syndicated

“Selling Out a Superpower is going to blow your mind... scared the wheels off of me”

Tom Chenault, Radio Host
Business For Breakfast - Nationally Syndicated

“This is really a great book…brilliant stuff.”

Brian Sussman
Host, KSFO-AM Morning Show
San Francisco

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  PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Members of Congress must stop selling out to special interests in return for campaign financing (a form of indentured servitude at best and bribery at worst) and start defending the public interest.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   For many Americans, their last job was the best job they, and likely their children, will ever have.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Throughout most of the twentieth century, China and India were asleep, and as they awoke, the United States fell asleep.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   The recession has become a very convenient excuse for job loss. The fact is that the nation was well on its way to losing jobs critical to our economic growth and prosperity well before the beginning of the recession.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Between 1990 and 2011, the national debt increased an astounding 285 percent and the gross national debt increased 330 percent. For either Republicans or Democrats to claim that their party is fiscally responsible is simply not true and nothing more than campaign rhetoric.
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