“Ron Pollina presents a thorough description of a very complex and critically important issue for us all – i.e., our nation’s economic well being and associated place in the world order. He points out that the way to economic well-being has only one path – that created by bold strategy, long- term leadership and associated policies. This has proven to be America’s greatest challenge.”

J. Keith Crisco
Secretary of Commerce
North Carolina

“Selling Out a Superpower: Where the U.S. Economy Went Wrong and How We Can Turn It Around, by Ron Pollina, reflects a yearning for the ‘good old days.’The bookprovides great insight into the causes behind the global shifts in international economic power and the erosion of U.S. economic supremacy.

“There’s enough blame to spread around among our political, educational and corporate leaders — and even the American people. Pollina notes that a coordinated, strategic approach is necessary to reverse this decline, starting with a citizenry that participates in electing responsible leadership and holding those leaders accountable.”

Geraldine Gambale, Editor
Area Development Magazine

“Ron Pollina’s unique perspective, formulated through years of consulting on some of the biggest corporate relocations and expansions, offers insightful analysis into the decline of American economic prosperity along with constructive strategies to correct this course. Pollina outlines a step-by-step prescription for curing our economic ills that is rooted in fundamental ideas such as making education professionals accountable for results, eliminating the lobbyist influence in Washington, creating a more simplified and competitive tax code, promoting entrepreneurism, and renewing our investment in manufacturing to help balance our trade deficit.

“This bold and unapologetic view of America’s global position will become a must read for every business professional, educational leader, politician and student.”

Ted Coene
President and Publisher
Business Facilities Magazine

“5 out of 5 stars…Chapters do more than provide condemning history and circumstances: they offer keys to critical areas where changes must be made to reverse the negative economy.  Any political or economic college-level collection will find this offers fine discussion material.”

Midwest Book Review – Oregon, WI

“No matter where your political ideologies fall, Selling Out a Superpower provides in-your-face evidence the country's leadership and citizens can no longer ignore: America is not rising to the global economic challenges before us. Fueling the shortfall is the disconnect between what politicians want and what businesses want. From the opening chapter, with hesitation or restraint, Dr. Ron Pollina outlines what ails us and what we can do to make us well and whole again.

“Experienced in negotiating site selection projects, Pollina says the country's political leadership, particularly leaders at the local levels, must create a better, more attractive and profitable place for companies to conduct business. In the chapter ‘Taking Responsibility for Economic Development,’ Pollina shares examples of projects where economic development officials were less than prepared to assist companies in making decisions to keep jobs here. By delving into the content, readers will find Pollina is an American who loves his country and who sees politicians on both sides of the aisle (and lobbyists, who some view as a third political party) mismanaging the country. Selling Out a Superpower offers observations as to how we created the predicament we are in today, and explains the opportunity before us to turn things around.”

Rachel Duran, Editor in Chief
Business Xpansion Journal
Global Corporate Xpansion

“It may not be too late to fix the situation, but Ron Pollina lays out a compelling case for the complexity of both the problems and their solutions. The picture is bleak. In a series of 64 short essays that range from education to energy to economic development and trade policy and beyond, he describes the circumstances, the villains, the unwitting victims and the prospects for improvement.

“This is a call for strategic thinking by a political class that is tuned into only getting elected. Read the book and weep."

Susanne Ethridge Cannon
Chairman, Department of Real Estate and
The Real Estate Center
DePaul University

“In Selling Out a Superpower, author Ron Pollina not only lays out a comprehensive diagnosis of how American economic might declined over multiple decades and produced the cataclysm of today, but also provides a thorough prescription to restore U.S. confidence at home and abroad.

“He pulls no punches in offering this analysis and calls upon economic developers, business executives and other community leaders to reinvest in the fundamental building blocks that historically made America great: education, R&D, manufacturing, work-force training, less cumbersome government regulation of business, and a more competitive tax environment. 

“Most importantly, he straightforwardly calls for an end to mortgaging-the-future debt and a return to fair and balanced trade policies. It is not an easy fix, but Pollina doesn’t shy away from dishing out the hard medicine. In short, this book is both a compelling read and a challenging formula. It should not be ignored, unless you’re a fan of the U.S. finishing behind China and India in the long-term race for global superpower status.”

Ron Starner, General Manager
Conway Data Inc.
Site Selection Magazine

“Written from the perspective of someone who has spent over thirty-five years helping corporations find new locations for their facilities, Dr. Ronald Pollina shows how political mismanagement has resulted in the loss of jobs. Selling Out a Superpower makes the case that many of the jobs lost when facilities were moved overseas could have been kept in the United States. He points to the failure of political leaders to recognize that good paying jobs are critical to regaining the country’s economic prosperity.

“Without naming names, he uses case studies based on his work with corporate clients to illustrate how political leaders just do not ‘get it’ when existing or new jobs are at stake. His cases are tragic and ring true. They illustrate just how communities lose jobs or fail to gain new jobs when political leaders fail to focus on the importance of jobs.”

Professor Celeste M. Hammond
Director, Center for Real Estate Law
The John Marshall Law School

“Economist Ron Pollina is a well-respected voice in the world of real estate and economic development. His tell-it-like-it-is approach makes for an eye-opening and interesting read.”

Jeffrey M. Anderson, President and CEO
Virginia Economic Development Partnership

"In Selling Out a Superpower, Dr. Ron Pollina has provided a great synopsis of where we are, how we got there and what we can do to change the situation. I just hope enough people listen to what he has to say."

Mark S. Willis, CEcD, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Wyoming Business Council

"I like this book--even those few areas where I may not agree. Pollina's unique perspective adds an important dimension to the national economic debate. It should be required reading."

Dr. Ron Swager
Senior Research Professor
University of Arkansas at Little Rock




  PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Members of Congress must stop selling out to special interests in return for campaign financing (a form of indentured servitude at best and bribery at worst) and start defending the public interest.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   For many Americans, their last job was the best job they, and likely their children, will ever have.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Throughout most of the twentieth century, China and India were asleep, and as they awoke, the United States fell asleep.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   The recession has become a very convenient excuse for job loss. The fact is that the nation was well on its way to losing jobs critical to our economic growth and prosperity well before the beginning of the recession.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Between 1990 and 2011, the national debt increased an astounding 285 percent and the gross national debt increased 330 percent. For either Republicans or Democrats to claim that their party is fiscally responsible is simply not true and nothing more than campaign rhetoric.
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