Chapter 1       Superpower No More? The Shift in International Economic Power
Chapter 2       Where Has All Our Vision Gone?
Chapter 3       East is the New West – The Shift in the Balance of Power
Chapter 4       To the Victor Go the Spoils
Chapter 5       20th Century Education Does Not Produce 21st Century Jobs
Chapter 6       Outsourcing National Security
Chapter 7       Driving American Companies Offshore – It’s More Than Cheap Labor
Chapter 8       Great American Job Purge – We’re Making Little Effort to Stop It
Chapter 9       Taking Responsibility for Economic Development
Chapter 10     Our Representatives Aren’t Representing Us – Federal and State Leaders Just Don’t Get It
Chapter 11     A Nation Addicted to Deficit Spending
Chapter 12     Why Free Trade Doesn’t Mean Fair Trade
Chapter 13     The Eleventh Commandment – for Some Presidents, It’s a Matter of Faith
Chapter 14     The High Cost of Free Trade
Chapter 15     There’s No Such Thing as Win-Win Negotiating
Chapter 16     East Credit, Family Debt, and Tax Cuts – Why You Can’t Get Ahead
Chapter 17     The Morphine Solution to Economic Problems
Chapter 18     21st Century Economic Wars

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  PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Members of Congress must stop selling out to special interests in return for campaign financing (a form of indentured servitude at best and bribery at worst) and start defending the public interest.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   For many Americans, their last job was the best job they, and likely their children, will ever have.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Throughout most of the twentieth century, China and India were asleep, and as they awoke, the United States fell asleep.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   The recession has become a very convenient excuse for job loss. The fact is that the nation was well on its way to losing jobs critical to our economic growth and prosperity well before the beginning of the recession.   PURCHASE SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER HERE   Between 1990 and 2011, the national debt increased an astounding 285 percent and the gross national debt increased 330 percent. For either Republicans or Democrats to claim that their party is fiscally responsible is simply not true and nothing more than campaign rhetoric.
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